India-China Conflict: Chinese Army Conducts ‘Surprise Attack’ Drills To Capture Enemy Territory

Amid rising India-China conflict, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) recently conducted a high-altitude, infiltration operations to capture enemy territory and test the combat capability of their troops.

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At 1:00 am at an undisclosed date, a PLA unit began to move toward its target in the Tanggula Mountains. During the operations, vehicles turned off their lights and used night vision devices to evade hostile drone, China Central Television (CCTV) reported.

After detecting defensive barriers built by the opposition, the PLA soldiers used drones and dropped explosives to clear the area.

They engaged in combat when nearing the target, for which they sent a sniper unit to damage enemy spotlights and used strike team to immobilize enemy armoured vehicles with anti-tank rockets.

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After offsetting the defences, the PLA soldiers started the final attack on the enemy headquarters in which commanders used a vehicle-mounted infrared reconnaissance system and guided the soldiers to lock on the targets and neutralize the opponent.

More than 2,000 munitions, including mortar shells, rifle grenades and rockets were fired during the exercise, Ma Qian, commander of the battalion told CCTV. The drills not only examined the results of the soldiers’ training with newly developed weapons but also tested them in extremely intricate situations, said Qian.

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A retired, unnamed PLA officer told the Global Times that infiltrating behind enemy lines and launching an assault at the opponent’s command centre at night can definitely win a small-scale conflict with only one battle, emphasizing that the surprise factor would play a vital role.

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China and India share borders at the high altitude area,  and conflicts have recently erupted between the two countries’ soldiers. China’s Foreign Ministry on Monday accentuated that the situation on the China-India border is stable and controllable, and diplomatic and military channels of communication between New Delhi and Beijing are unimpeded.

Via: Global Times