India, China Looting US with Subsidies: Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump wants to end subsidies for India and China as he considers the US still a “developing nation” and wants the US, to grow faster than anybody. Trump’s foreign policies have created a lot of jitters in the global arena which have even put US’ greatest allies like Canada and Germany in a dilemma. 

The President of the United States, Donald Trump has made interesting comments on Friday on India, China and the World Trade Organization (WTO) during a fundraiser event in Fargo city of North Dakota State.

Trump recently ordered to scrap aid worth USD 25 million for Palestine people in East Jerusalem hospitals. He said that the US is going to stop subsidies for the growing countries including India and China. On top of it, Trump said he still considers the country as a ‘developing nation‘ and want it to develop faster than anyone.

“We have to pay them money. This whole thing is crazy, but we’re going to stop it. We are going to stop it,” said President Trump. He further added, “We are a developing nation, too, OK? We are. As far as I’m concerned, we are a developing nation. I want to be put down in that category as we are growing, too. We are going to grow faster than anybody.”

Trump called WTO is “probably worst of all” and alleged that these subsidies have helped China to become “great economic power”. Talking about the trade conflict between US-China, Trump said he told Chinese President Xi -“we have to be fair”.

President Trump took a serious objection to China getting USD 500 billion a year from the US to build itself and added “for years and years, we have been protecting these countries. They’re making a fortune. They have had very little military cost. We have the biggest military cost in the world. Most of it goes to protecting outside nations, some of the whom don’t even like us.”

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