India, China Hold Vital Discussions On Indo-Pacific During Maritime Dialogue

In a bid to avoid further escalation of India-China Dispute over Indo-Pacific, India has clarified that it does not support for ganging up against China. India made it very clear that Delhi supports the idea of free and open Indo-Pacific region and is not teaming up in any way against China. On Friday, Delhi clarified its stance during the second maritime affairs dialogue between India and China. 

India might have never talked about teaming up officially but Delhi in the context of the Indo-Pacific region has held talks with the US, Australia and Japan. India’s alignment with these nations over Indo-Pacific has been discomforting for China but to Beijing’s relief, India has denied being a part of any team that is meant to confront China.

Even during the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, the Indian Prime Minister had stated that India does not see the Indo-Pacific as a resource that is limited to only a few nations. He said that India stands for freedom of navigation, unhindered trade through the international waters and resolving of dispute in line with the international laws. India stated that Indo-Pacific is not seen as being some strategy by India nor does India sees it as some elite club.

At the maritime dialogue in Beijing, India has reiterated the same stance as put forth during the Shangri-La Dialogue. India and China also discussed the feasibility of enhanced maritime cooperation which will further improve the bilateral relations between two nations. The two nations observed that maritime cooperation will lead to enhanced mutual trust in terms of political and strategic dimensions.

India and China during the maritime dialogue also discussed other issues like political cooperation and blue economy. The Indian delegation was led by Pankaj Sharma, Joint Secretary (Disarmament and International Security Affairs) in the Ministry of External Affairs.