India-China Border Standoff In Ladakh Not Spilling Over To Arunachal Pradesh

Ongoing border standoff between India and China in Ladakh have led to fears that more disputes will appear on border areas shared with China. However, contrary to these fears, Arunachal Pradesh, the state that shared a 1000 km long border with China, has remained unaffected. 

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Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu cleared the air by announcing that the state has not witnessed any conflict with China. China and Arunachal Pradesh share a 1080 km long border and many experts fear that ongoing tensions in Ladakh could spill over to the ‘contentions’ state.

Khandu has labelled the India-China border standoff as an ‘unfortunate’ incident especially as it coincides with the global pandemic. He also dismissed any rumours of a ‘warlike’ situation at the state borders.

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“We are well-prepared to face any kind of situation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is capable of tackling any situation. The defence ministry has already made its stand clear,” he said. He also asked people to remain calm and avoid panicking.

The announcement from Khandu comes as social media is rife with videos showing alleged clashes between Chinese and Indian troops in eastern Ladakh. The Indian army has dismissed these video and has issued a statement clarifying that videos of violence with Chinese troops are untrue and not authentic.

China and India are currently engaged in a standoff in the upper reaches of the Himalayas in the Union Territory of Ladakh. As reported by EurAsian Times earlier, China has intensified control measures in the Galway Valley of Aksai Chin, a region claimed by New Delhi but controlled by Beijing.

India responded by deploying soldiers in the area and indulged in infrastructure build-up. Experts at EurAsian Times believe that the stand-off can last for some time, possibly longer than the Doklam dispute of 2017.

Currently, the two sides are facing off at four points– three points in Galwan, one at Galwan junction or Patrol Point 14, PP 15 and Gogra PP 17. The fourth face-off point is at Pangong Lake.

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New Delhi and Beijing believe that they will solve the issue via diplomatic and military dialogue. Top-level ministers and the military brass are already in talks and are hopeful of a peaceful solution.

Both the Asian giants rejected a mediation offer by President Donald Trump last week. This, however, did not stop Washington from siding with New Delhi and slamming the Chinese for aggression near the border.