In A Tank-On-Tank Battle, Russian Main Battle Tank Under Cover Of Terminator BMPT ‘Terminates’ Ukrainian MBT

The Russian Ministry of Defense published a video showing a Russian tank destroying a Ukrainian tank with the fire support of the combat vehicle (BMPT) “Terminator.”

The position of armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the forest was located using drones, and Russian forces then bypassed the enemy from the flank. 

The footage shows the Russian military tank firing first, followed by the BMPT firing 33-millimeter guns against Ukrainian positions. 

In the video, a Ukrainian soldier can be seen escaping the damaged tank. The battle resulted in the destruction of a BMP and a tank of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The drone captured the clash between the Ukrainian and Russian armored vehicles. On January 24, the Russian Ministry of Defense first posted the video on its Telegram account, showcasing the coordinated work between the Russian tank and the BMPT “Terminator.”

The rare footage of a BMPT Terminator in action also demonstrates the twin 35mm autocannon’s superior firepower over a standard tank gun. 

BMPTs have made many appearances in Ukraine. Open-source intelligence company Janes first noticed them in May and were most recently seen in Luhansk. These vehicles reportedly perform quite well in Ukraine, as previously reported by the EurAsian Times.  

On his Telegram channel, Starshe Eddy, a Russian blogger, claims that BMPTs have demonstrated effectiveness in forest and urban locations in Ukraine. He observes that MT-LB personnel carriers outfitted with twin 23mm cannons can sometimes perform the same function, but their armor is insufficient. 

Dr. Charles Knight, a senior researcher at UNSW in Australia, wrote on Twitter, “A Russian source claimed, with interesting detail, that BMPT had good APS [Active Protection System], had inflicted a remarkable number of casualties and were generally well regarded.”

The BMPT aims to overcome the tank’s vulnerabilities on a modern battlefield rife with light anti-tank weapons. Experts said that it could be the last vehicle standing and thus more important to the fate of the war than the tanks. 

According to several unnamed sources who spoke to RIA Novosti, battle experience has demonstrated that the BMPT’s view is vastly superior to that of most tanks, enhancing the crew’s situational awareness.

A Force Multiplier For Russia’s Main Battle Tanks

Russia’s new BMPT “Terminator” is a modern armored vehicle outfitted with multiple weapons. BMPTs have performed well in Ukraine, particularly when compared to Russia’s other armored vehicles. 

The unofficial moniker for this heavily armed armored vehicle is “Terminator.”

The Tank Support Fighting Vehicle sports a new remote-controlled turret and is built on the chassis of a T-72 tank. Its primary armament consists of two stabilized 30mm automatic cannons, each firing 12 rounds per second. 

Four anti-tank guided missile launchers are available for use against bigger targets. Some versions include a pair of 30mm automatic grenade launchers, each commanded by its gunner, but others do not. In general, the dual cannons deliver terrifying firepower to tear through adversaries.

With an effective range of 2,000 meters, the autocannon can strike aerial targets such as drones and terrestrial targets. The powerful Ataka-guided missile has a range of 6,000 meters and is available in anti-tank and thermobaric versions to demolish fortifications and structures.

Russian BMPT Terminator
Russian BMPT Terminator

The BMPT is said to be protected by new Relikt explosive reactive armor designed to deflect anti-tank rounds. Its small turret may make it less vulnerable.  

With this capability, the vehicle is intended to reinforce existing main battle tanks with complementary fire. Thus, in addition to defending the MBTs in battle, it serves as a force multiplier.

The Russian Army’s one-of-a-kind BMPT Terminator armored battle vehicle entered service in 2018. UVZ developed the Terminator-2 BMPT in 2006, and the Russian Ministry of Defense entered into a contract for its procurement during the Army 2017 event. 

Interestingly, Ukraine designed its BMPT, Strazh (“Sentinel”), modeled on the T-64 tank’s chassis. This also features twin autocannons accompanied by guided missiles, just like the BMPT. Although it was exhibited in 2019, there is no evidence that it has entered production.

The BMPT provides much-needed support to Russian MBTs since most of the battle between Russian and Ukrainian soldiers occurs in urban areas. Given the widespread use of ATGMs by Ukrainian forces, this has proven particularly advantageous.