Is Imran Khan the ‘Tanned Pakistani Version’ Of Donald Trump?

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister in waiting who is being seen as a catalyst of a ‘New Pakistan’ was compared to Donald Trump by famous comedian Trevor Noah. Trevor Noah who is known for his savagely sarcastic takes on world news sparked a major controversy when he termed Imran Khan as being a twin of the US President. Noah called Imran Khan a ‘tanned version of Donald Trump’ and also referred to his home as being the Pakistani Trump tower.

As reported by Gulf News, the comparison did not go well with social media users in Pakistan and even with the people of Pakistan across the global. There was a huge outrage over social media in response to this arbitrary comparison made by Trever Noah.

Noah did not just stop by comparing the political styles of Imran Khan and Donald Trump but he also drew a comparison between their personal lives. He said that just like Donald Trump who emphasised on privileged lifestyles and personal relationships, Imran Khans’ background is similar.

Imran Khan’s PTI emerged as the greatest political force in Pakistan after the results of the general elections were announced. He is expected to take oath as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan on August 18. People have entrusted him for being the face of change for a Pakistan which has been reeling in terms of economy as well as international repute.

Twitter Threatened Of A Shut Down In Pakistan

Amid all this, there are also fears of Twitter shutdown in Pakistan. The government authorities in Pakistan have failed to make Twitter’s policies fall in line with policies of Pakistan. While Facebook, Youtube and other social media platforms have obliged the requests of Pakistan, Twitter has still not acted on the requests made by Pakistan to block inappropriate content. Pakistan is now threatening Twitter of a shutdown and it remains to be seen if Twitter goes about finally giving in to the requests placed by Pakistan.

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