Is Imran Khan the “Democratic Face” of Pakistan Army?

Why is Is Imran Khan called the “Democratic Face” of Pakistan Army? Will the new Pakistan government bat for smooth India-Pakistan relations? The most controversial elections in Pakistan saw former cricketer Imran Khan emerge as the biggest political force in Pakistan, allegedly with the backing of Pakistan Army. How will Imran Khan share relations with Indian PM Narendra Modi

How will India adjust with a ‘Hawkish Imran Khan?’

Pakistan’s neighbour India which has often blamed Pakistan for destabilizing Kashmir and carrying out terror attacks in India will now have to adjust to the difference between Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan. While Nawaz Sharif as General Parvez Musharraf says was about appeasing India and going soft on India, Imran Khan who is being termed as the Pakistan Army’s face of victory is expected to be rather hawkish towards India.

People have voted for Imran Khan as he promised to be the face of change in Pakistan. Khan endorsed grand plans to keep corruption out of the system and the people of Pakistan have shown faith in him.

In his very first address, although he batted for healthy trade relations between India and Pakistan, Khan did not shy away from touching upon the Kashmir. In his very first speech post the polls, he blamed India for carrying out human rights violations on Kashmiris living in India and said that they have been made to suffer for 30 long years.

In recent years Imran Khan has presented himself as being someone who is anti-India and not just this but also anti-US. He sure has a lot of friends in India have played a lot in India but the ‘Prime Minister’ Imran Khan might not see India as a friend even though he might be heard sugarcoating his words about India in various speeches.

Having mentioned Kashmir in his very first address to the nation after the results he has dropped hints that he would hold on to being a ‘Hawkish force’ towards India. If there is any substance in him being a candidate of the army then there remains no doubt about the fact that he would maintain an anti-India stand playing a puppet into the hands of the Pakistan Army.

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