Imran Khan Goes Benazir Bhutto’s Way; Says Freedom Is Near For Kashmir

Pakistan PM Imran Khan on Kashmir Solidatay Day stated that Modi-governments abrogation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir exposed India of its evil intentions and would pave way for the independence of the region.

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Addressing the Pakistan-administered-Kashmir or Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Legislative Assembly in Muzaffarabad, PM Khan termed the Kashmir issue a diplomatic and political struggle and announced the development of a committee in consultation with the AJK government to further highlight the issue, reports the Pakistan Tribune.

“If the Indian prime minister had not annexed the region, he would not have been exposed,” PM Khan told the AJK legislators. “No one in the world would have been listening about Kashmir issue had Modi not made that mistake,” he added. 

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“Kashmiris should not be disappointed. “On that day, Modi made a fatal mistake, one that he could not step back from. He is in a panic. Kashmir will now hopefully gain its independence. Only those nations rise to prominence, which succeeds in difficult times.”

According to reports in PakistanTribue and APP, Imran denounced Indian PM’s war rhetoric, saying that it was the result of his desperation from the internal turmoil.

Khan remarking on PM Modi’s statement that Indian armed forces could defeat Pakistan within 7-10 days stated – Modi did it only to please followers of RSS philosophy. India would be delusional if it believed that they could defeat Pakistan within 11 days, he said.

“We both are nuclear-armed states. A normal person cannot make such statements,” Imran said. “Modi only wants followers. The Indian army chief also said that India will conquer Azad Kashmir on the orders of the parliament. Only nervous people make such statements.”

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PM Khan again forewarned that the Indian government could stage a false flag operation like the one in the aftermath of Pulwama to divert world attention from the internal turmoil ranging from Delhi elections, Kashmir and protests against citizenship bill.

Khan affirmed that the European countries have started realising the dangerous situation in India and said – “For the first time, about 600 EU parliamentarians supported the resolution over Kashmir.” Media in the West is expressing concerns over the grave threat which India posed to the Kashmiris.