Chinese Communism, Modi’s Racism & Russian Imperialism Endangering Islamic Identity – OpEd

Muslims are either locked up in the detention camps or bombarded with lethal weapons all over the world.  They are butchered, shunned, marginalized, sent into detention camps and some nations even cancel their citizenship. EurAsian Times gets you an OpEd by Yeni Safak. 

China, Pakistan Heavily Criticised At UN For Persecution Of Religious Minorities

The world has become a living hell for Muslims. Various methodologies of “domestication” are being applied on Uighur Muslims in the detentions camps in Xinjing by communist China.

Assimilation policies are being enacted in the most brutal of ways. Muslims are being kidnapped from their homes, separated from their families, institutionalized and violated. They’re being forced to smoke while fasting, Muslim Turkic girls are forced to marry Chinese men.

China is buying the world’s silence. Treaties are being made to ensure that 57 countries do not make the slightest sound to condemn this “domestication” project. Half of them are governments of Muslim countries. They’re in cahoots with them in this project of enslavement.

An even worse situation is unfolding in India. There is a prime minister who champions Hindu nationalism through the most racist programs. In 2002, 3,000 Muslims perished in flames with the policies his Hindu nationalism has bred in the state of Gujarat, and 200,000 people were forced to live in camps.

He revoked Kashmir’s special status. By annexing it, he began to implement all kinds of persecution projects. India passed a new Citizenship Act and stripped millions of Muslims of their citizenship. It gives citizenship to immigrants from abroad and applies it to Muslims residing on their own lands.

Pakistan Reportedly Closes 13 Terror Training Camps Near Jammu and Kashmir

Who is supporting Modi’s racist engineering projects? Israel, the U.S., Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Most of Israel’s weapons are purchased by Modi. The U.S. previously denied entry to this racist because of his anti-Semitic rhetoric; when he became a prime minister, however, it honoured it.

What about the Gulf States? With the agreements made in 2016, Modi meets his energy needs. How shameful is the fact that he simultaneously takes advantage of the energy resources of the Islamic world and unleashes all kinds of acts of barbarism against Muslims?

Most shameful of all are those dictators who collaborate with him on massacring Muslims using the wealth of other Muslims!

Al-Jazeera Criticises NYT Editorial on Kashmir Dispute, Kashmiri Pandits Ask Counter Questions

Is the situation any different in the Middle East? In Idlib, Russian forces, together with the Assad regime, are raining down bombs on civilians trapped in tents. Orphanages, children, and civilians are being exterminated with fire and bombs.

Russia, with its enormous power, unleashes its missiles and state-of-the-art killing machines on Idlib. People are chased to our borders in panic, misery and fear. None of the Arab states that dabble in Arab Nationalism welcome these Arabs. Turks, the Republic of Turkey, President Erdoğan, advocate the rights of these people on the global stage. On the slopes of the mountains, in the cold wet world of tents, in the misery of muddy roads, in blood and fire, people are thrown back into the unknown.

Muharram Procession Banned and Security for Amarnath Yatra, Why?

These people, who fled their homes in Aleppo and Damascus, managed to eke out a living in the misery of Idlib, and are now being targeted by Assad’s jets and Russian imperialism.

Muslim communities are being “domesticated” through engineering projects. The identities and lands of Muslims are being taken away. Muslims are being banished from their own countries. They are forced to live in poverty and misery in other countries.

Their states support racists, communists and imperialists. The oppressed, poor and helpless masses are condemned to rebel. Children growing up amidst misery fall victim to rebellion and terrorism. Rebellion and terror arose from this desperation. Rebellion is becoming the sole method that forces the world to look head-on at the desperation of Muslims.

Overburdened By Afghans, Pakistan says Cannot Accommodate Indian Muslim Refugees

All the world powers, from Modi to Chinese Communism, from Russia to U.S. imperialism, condemn Muslims to poverty and misery, while Muslim rulers serve with great apathy. These dictators will not find peace as long as this trend continues. Bombs will drop over their heads too in unexpected places! A government, a state and a ruler who cannot protect its people are only servants. The luxury and wealth of their masters is only an illusion.

No peace, no security, no unity will emerge from it. Those who cannot protect Muslims against imperialists and who have carried out massacres and assimilation projects with imperialists will be tried before history and will be tried in hell.

New Amnesty Report Laments India & Israel; Ignores Pakistan

A Muslim is one who has his fellow believers, no matter where they may be in the world, on their conscience. A Muslim would think about their plight, pray for them and lend a helping hand. Oh, Muslim! There’s a simple but effective measure you can take to counter this engineering project. Boycott the products of those behind this imperialist project! You too should have your say against the oppression carried out against Muslims. Hit this capitalist communism and capitalist racism with capitalist actions!

Ergün Yıldırım.  The OpEd Does Not Reflect The Views Of The EurAsian Times