Imran Khan Blames Kashmiri Militants For Tarnishing The Image Of Pakistan

PM Imran Khan insisted that Pakistan was needlessly accused of the Pulwama attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, which he said was carried out by a local alienated Kashmiri while Jaish-e-Mohammad that took responsibility for the attacks (who according to Khan operate from India). PM Khan said – Pakistan was blamed without a reason.

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Khan was responding to a question on whether the ongoing crackdown on terrorists in Pakistan would be sustained and if Hafiz Saeed, whose arrest for the eight-time only fascinated Donald Trump, would stay in jail and not be released?

Khan emphasized on a strong, independent judiciary and indirectly stated that said it was in Pakistan’s interest to now get rid of all armed militias (referring to Hafiz Saeed)

“It is in Pakistan’s interest, it’s in our interest,” he continued. “The country has had enough of militant groups.”  Khan said Pakistan Army was with him on this. “It’s the army that’s helping us disarm all militant groups.”

“It was clearly an indigenous thing,” Khan said referring to the Pulwama attack which killed over CRPF troopers. “It was a Kashmiri boy radicalized by the brutality the security forces. He blew himself up. But because this group claimed responsibility, which was in India as well, Jaish-e-Mohammad is operating in India — but Pakistan suddenly came in the limelight.”