Hyderabad a Potential Breeding Ground for Rohingya Terrorism?

Are Rohingya Muslims a security threat to India? The Indian Military Intelligence has sought details about Rohingya Muslims refugees living in the vicinity of defence installations in Hyderabad as they could pose a massive security risk.

There are approximately 4,500 Rohingya Muslim refugees living in various parts of Hyderabad and the military intelligence has raised objections. Many of the Rohingya refugees live very close to defence installations and pose a major security risk.

At a high-level meeting, the looming threat of the Rohingyas living in the city of Hyderabad, especially those precariously close to security establishments was discussed.

The worry for security agencies is that Rohingya Muslims live in the Kanchanbagh area near Hafeezbabanagar which houses several defence laboratories. There are over thousand Rohingyas who reside in close proximity to defence installations and pos a massive security risk.

The Army and the Intelligence have told the police to intensify security in these areas as there could be some who would try and target these high-profile installations.

At the meeting, various aspects relating to security were discussed. The terror cases registered against the Rohingyas and also their identity documents were discussed. It was found in many cases that some of the Rohingyas had obtained valid Indian documents.

Although no terror camp was detected in Hyderabad concerning the Rohingyas, the Intelligence Bureau officials do not rule out the possibility of some being brain-washed into carrying out strikes.

During the meeting, the officials also discussed the threat perception to the Secunderabad Cantonment and also the Army installations in the area. It was concluded that the coordination between the state police, intelligence agencies and Army would need to be improved. While no major incident has been reported, the Intelligence Bureau says that such persons would be used by terror groups.