How Radical Groups Like Hezbollah, Hamas & Taliban Are Fighting Covid-19 Pandemic?

Not only the police & medical officials but even the terrorist organizations and militant groups like the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah are very serious about implementing the government lockdown and check the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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In Brazil, the mafia ruled slums of Favela are so under-resourced that they even lack the basic facilities like clean water to wash their hands. The favelas maintain a state of enmity with the government officials who have not yet issued a curfew.

Although the government has overlooked the highly infecting nature of the coronavirus, cartels and criminal gangs that operate in the impoverished area have already issued a curfew due to coronavirus.

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Driving through the narrow streets of the shantytown, the gangs have been announcing the residents to stay home and take the Covid-19 pandemic seriously or face consequences.

This is one of the many instances where terrorist groups, mutineers and criminal groups are doing their best to curb the pandemic.

Hezbollah, Hamas and Taliban Fighting Covid-19

Lebanon saw more than 100 ambulances, several of them equipped with respirators orderly lined up with one Hezbollah volunteer in front of each ambulance. Clad in Hazmat suits and practicing all rules of social distancing, the militant group — Hezbollah has stepped in to fight the global pandemic.

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Showing military preparedness for Covid-19, the  head of Hezbollah’s executive council, Sayyed Hashem Safieddine said ” “It is a real war that we must confront with the mindset of a warrior.”

Hezbollah aims to battle the spread of the deadly virus and use its organizational capabilities to ensure proper treatment for all patients. The group mainly focuses on providing free treatment and testing for those infected with the virus. In addition to these efforts, they are also renting out hotels to be used for the isolation of Covid-19 patients.

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Cases of Taliban joining the ongoing battle against the pandemic was seen in Afghanistan. The Islamic fundamentalist group has circulated videos on preventive measures to avoid contracting the virus.

Furthermore, they have also engaged their fighters in handing out face masks and soap. The militant group has also agreed to offer a   safe passage to health workers and international organizations working to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Afghanistan.

This comes as a surprise as the Taliban had earlier banned the operations of WHO and Red Cross in the areas under their jurisdiction last year.

Indian Army Takes ‘Covid Terrorism’ Very Seriously; Issues Guidelines On Handling Militant Bodies

Similar incidents have also been reported in the Gaza Strip in Israel where Hamas, an Islamic militant organization is building two large quarantine facilities. Considering Gaza’s already shattered health system, Hamas is assuring the public that the threat of the virus is can be contained.

Speeding up their efforts to flatten the curve in Gaza, Hamas has also banned weekly street markets,  closed wedding halls, cafes and mosques and extended the quarantine period by a week.

The rise of these terror groups in fighting the pandemic comes due to week government policies or by the ongoing war that has ravaged the region.  Often, these terror groups attempt to gain the public’s validation and trust while also looking to boost their international support and reputation.

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Other reasons include simple human sympathy towards their motherland, friends, and family who live in that region. Their efforts also stems from the fact that they want their family to remain healthy and safe during the pandemic.

Amidst a global crisis like coronavirus, social and political differences within a region play a marginal role compared to the willingness of all these groups to fight the pandemic together.

The relationship between violent groups and humanitarian organizations can be tense because of the uncertain behavior of some of these groups towards the aid workers, but for now, all have joined hands to battle the pandemic.

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