How India’s Spy Agency RAW Thwarted China To End Monarchy Rule In Nepal

One of the most astonishing covert operations of RAW (India’s Research and Analysis Agency) is linked to ending the centuries-old monarchy and bringing a democratic rule in Nepal. The former special director of RAW, Amar Bhushan has revealed in his book that India’s Research and Analysis Wing had a major role to play in dethroning of Nepal’s absolute monarchy.

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In order to protect India’s interests, the undercover agents of RAW in Nepal were determined to protect Nepal from falling in the hands of inimical forces. The RAW went on to raising assets in Nepal to ensure that the plans were executed with utmost secrecy.

Nepal’s monarchs sought help from China to offset India

The book, ‘Inside Nepal’ also talks about Nepal’s outreach to China during 1989-1990 in order to outdo India’s plans and save the monarchy.

Rajiv Gandhi’s government-backed the people’s movement in Nepal but all diplomatic tactics to institutionalise democracy in Nepal seemed to fail one after the other. Then India went about putting an embargo on food supplies in order to build pressure on the king to forsake monarchy.

This is when the king of Nepal sought China’s help and this further escalated India’s worries as New Delhi never wanted any Chinese influence in Nepal. Now was the time when RAW was assigned this highly complex mission to bring democracy to Nepal.

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The then Chief of RAW went on to deploy his best spy, Jeevnathan to carry out the operation. He then took the complete responsibility of the entire missions and did what the diplomatic lobby could not do.

As a part of an uphill task assigned to RAW, the spies then went on to convince Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal to stitch a coalition with other parties to form a formidable front against the monarch powers.

Pushpa Kamal Dahal then went on to be the Prime Minister of a democratic Nepal twice thereafter. While many monarch leaders came looking for Jeevnathan to avenge their fall, he disappeared in the world of espionage having served his country’s interests bravely.