Hindu Settlements in Kashmir Will Lead To All Out War Between India And Pakistan

Pakistan Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar has said that Indian plan to create Hindu settlements in the Kashmir Valley on the style of Israel will be like a suicide attack on regional peace.

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Sarwar made these comments after India’s consul-general to the city of New York told Kashmiri Pandit community members that the Modi Government will build settlements modelled after Israel as the final solution to rehabilitate the Pandit (Hindu) community of Kashmir.

It will become very difficult to avoid war in the region, if United Nations (UN) and other international institutions do not take notice of this shameful plan of India, said Sarwar in a tweet and talking to PTI MPA Ch Shahbaz and Latter-day Saint Charity’s delegation led by its Chairman Imran Taj and others, who called on him here at Governor House.

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The governor said the Indian Consul General Sundeep Chakarwarti has revealed the Indian plan of creating Hindu settlements in the Kashmir Valley, which is in not tolerable since it is a plot to turn the Kashmiris’ majority into a minority.

He called upon the UN and other international institutions to take strict notice of this Indian plan. Pakistan always stood with people of Kashmir and every sacrifice will be rendered for the freedom of Kashmiris, he said.

Earlier, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has furiously reacted to the so-called Israeli model for Kashmir.

Khan wrote, “The fascist mentality of the RSS-government in India is visible.” The siege in India’s occupied Kashmir has been over 100 days. Human rights of Kashmiri people are being crushed. But the powerful countries of the world are keeping silence due to their business interests. ”