Sex, Drugs & Party – Kasol, Himachal Heaven For Rave Parties

Kasol in Himachal Pradesh has become a hub for Rave Party. How have these Rave Parties boosted the local Economy?

Why are Rave Parties in Himachal, especially Kasol becoming so famous? What attracts tourists from Israel and other countries towards Kasol and other parts of Himachal Pradesh? 

Himachal Pradesh is known for blooming green valleys, snow-covered mountains, lakes and a mix of a variety of cultures. Himachal has these features to attract both domestic and international travelers especially Kasol, Manali and Parvati Valley.

People from all over the world visit these valleys to enjoy and admire the beauty of Mother India. Of late, there has been another addition to the list of attractions, and that is Rave Parties. There is news of rave and full moon parties being organized in the secluded and forest areas of the valleys.

These rave parties have a combination of liquor and banned drugs. The favorite hotspots for these kinds of rave parties are usually the lush green valleys of Dharamshala, Manali, and Kasol. People who gather for these rave parties usually dance throughout the night and are high on drugs and liquor.

The organizers of these rave parties are usually the Israeli and Russian Mafia, who do the farming and processing of these drugs. Drug deals worth crores get cracked during these rave parties.

Why is Kasol in Himachal Famous for Rave Parties? 

These Rave Parties in Himachal are being organized with the assistance of local people who assure security and secrecy. Uzbek and Kazak call girls, who visit the valley as a tourist, forms another attraction to the party.

The HP Government and police are totally against these rave full moon parties and said that these rave parties and the culture brought to the valley by Israelis and hippies are destroying the culture of the mountains and causing damage to the cultural heritage.

Although Police deny the existence of the mafia, there are reports that the Israeli and Russian mafia does exist in the valley and provide a regular supply of drugs to the customers. There has been news of drugs being smuggled out of Goa to other countries. These drugs are being sent to GOA from North India including Manali.

There have been a number of instances that clearly depict the connection between Goa and Manali. There are records of Russians, Italian, Nigerian tourists first visiting Goa and then planning their trip to North India. Besides Goa, narcotics are also traded in Paharganj and other areas of New Delhi.

Dharamshala is the one-point destination for money exchangers. As per the records, there are more than two dozen money exchangers in Dharamshala, where the foreign money comes without any problem.

There have been no cases so far of drugs mafia rivalry in Himachal Pradesh as most of the backpackers live in groups and do not mix with other groups.