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Helsinki Declared the Cleanest City in Europe; Paris One of the Dirtiest

Helsinki, Finland has been declared the cleanest city in Europe. According to the Pollution Index 2018 Mid-Year rating compiled by numbeo.com, Tetovo (Macedonia), Naples (Italy) and Skopje (Macedonia) are among the three most polluted cities in Europe. Their annual average pollution index was 97.57, 84.61 and 82.17, respectively. 

St. Petersburg took the 17th place with a score of 64.47, and Moscow – the 19th with a score of 63.02. The cleanest European cities are Helsinki (Finland) with an indicator of 13.49, Reykjavik (Iceland) with an indicator of 15.57, Zurich (Switzerland) with an indicator of 16.42 and Stockholm (Sweden) with an indicator of 16.62.

The rating is based on a survey of users of the site and is an estimate of the total pollution in the city. The independent site numbeo.com, which publishes statistics mainly on the cost of living and consumer prices in various countries, is registered in Serbia. Below is the complete list of the cities.


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