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Google Struggling with Good Morning Texts in India on WhatsApp

Who thought that Google could be concerned by Good Morning Texts in India on WhatsApp Messanger? Aren’t Good Morning Texts on WhatsApp supposed to be pleasant and a great start to the day? So why is Google not having a pleasant experience with Good Morning Texts in India?

Researchers at Google have finally found the answer to the pressing question of why most people in India complain of full storage capacities on their mobile devices. The answer- Good Morning Texts on WhatsApp Messenger. 33.33 percent of the Indian population faces a full storage issue on a daily basis. The Google researchers now claim that the main culprit for the same is the good morning messages and images shared by the population of billions.

India has the maximum number of Good Morning Texts and Image Downloads on WhatsApp

The statistics show a tenfold rise in the number of Google searches for the good morning texts and images in the last five years, whereas the download of such images from Pinterest has seen a nine-fold rise in the last one year by the population of India alone. Facebook Inc. too, through its WhatsApp messaging service last year, updated a good morning message allowing users to wish all their contacts in one go.

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However, now the rapid increase in the same has led to people blocking the automatic downloads of all images on WhatsApp Messenger. Others simply put the notifications on mute. There is a new wave of complaints with people calling the good morning images too cheery and too anti-smartphone generation. A popular Indian comedy group had also released a skit last October addressing the same ‘social issue’.

‘Files Go’ Bids Farewell To Good Morning Texts in India

Google has now released a solution for the same – an application called ‘Files Go’. The Files Go app lets the user know about the files that can be safe for deletion. The application thus allows users to delete all good morning texts on WhatsApp in one go through the use of the company’s image database and artificial intelligence tools. Google’s Josh Woodward said the key to weeding out the images was the deconstruction of the DNA of such messages. The app that had been unveiled in December last year during an event in the national capital of India, has already seen more than 10 million downloads so far with maximum users in India.

So the next time you wake up to innumerable good morning messages spamming your WhatsApp Messenger, just turn to Files Go!

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