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Germany Unveils New Armoured Vehicle Which Is Fast, Furious, Hybrid & Silent

The German company Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH (FFG) recently unveiled a new armoured fighting vehicle, which could be capable of achieving speeds of more than 100 kph (> 62 mph), while being totally silent due to its hybrid electrical engine.

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Called “Genesis”, the new vehicle was unveiled with an accompanying exhibition at the Förderkreis Heer Symposium “Current Challenges and Perspectives of Medium-Sized Defense Technology Companies as a Driver for Capability Maintenance and Technology Innovation” (running from 22nd to 23rd September) at the FFG premises in Flensburg.


The world premiere, originally planned for Eurosatory 2020 in Paris, had to be postponed due to the COVID 19 related cancellation.

The vehicle weighs around 40 tonnes and has a fully hybrid engine capable of diesel-electric drive system. This new 8×8 can travel up to the speeds of more than 100 km per hour, having a range of 150 km using electric-only mode and about 600 km while using diesel.

According to European Security and Defense website, the propulsion is diesel-electric and has a total installed power of 1,368 kW, with the diesel generator only used to generate electricity for the electrical storage unit, which is also located in the front part of the vehicle.

All 8 wheels are driven individually to produce a maximum torque of 15,622 Nm and the speed is controlled using FFG’s own system software. Similar to an aircraft’s Fly-By-Wire (FBW) system, the Genesis incorporates a Drive-by-Wire (DBW) system, eliminating the requirement of traditional steering mechanisms.

The vehicle is said to be based on a modular concept similar to that of the Boxer armoured fighting vehicle. The company also claims that the technology is fully scalable, and can be used on 4×4 or 6×6 vehicles. If any of the individual driveshafts fail, the tyres can be set idle so that the vehicle could continue with its mission.

During the presentation, Genesis was seen fitted in an armoured fighting mode fitted with a Kongsberg unmanned turret featuring the 30mm cannon and having a combat compartment capable of carrying up to 10 infantrymen.

With the unveiling of its new vehicle, the company wanted to showcase its capabilities and innovations in the field. The work on such new drive concepts is also being carried out around the world, most notably being Israel’s Carmel fighting vehicle – which is said to incorporate artificial intelligence into its drive systems, and featuring an Xbox- controller.

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