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Germany Rejects US Appeal To Abandon Iranian Nuclear Agreement

Germany has rejected the US Vice President’s appeal to European partners for withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement. Germany extended its support for the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal to restore peace in the region.

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Foreign Minister of Germany, Heiko Maas supported the 2015 agreement under which Iran drastically reduced its nuclear programme in return for sanctions relief. While speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Mass said: “Together with the Brits, French, and the entire EU we have found ways to keep Iran in the nuclear agreement until today.”.

US Vice President Mike Pence blamed Tehran of plotting a “new Holocaust” with its opposition to Israel and regional ambitions in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen. While, Mass responded by saying, “our goal remains an Iran without nuclear weapons, precisely because we see clearly how Iran is destabilising the region”. Without this agreement, “the region will not be safer and would actually be one step closer to an open confrontation,” Mass added.

At a conference on the Middle East in Warsaw, The US President criticized the retention by the Europeans of the nuclear agreement. He also opposed the initiative of France, Germany, and Britain to allow European companies to continue serving in Iran despite US sanctions.

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