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Which Country has the Best International Image?

According to the latest Nation Brands Index, Germany enjoys the best international image of all the countries in the world. The survey found that there is much more to Germany’s Image, besides its economical and technological prowess.

Measuring the public opinion around the world on “the power and quality of each country’s ‘brand image” the Nation Brands Index (NBI) survey clearly indicated that Germany enjoys best international reputation.

The United States drops to 6th spot in list of Countries with Best International Image

Germany was at the second position in the year 2016. The US has dropped significantly from top to sixth, with France, Britain, Canada, and Japan taking spots two to five

More to Germany than Pretty Car’s

The final NBI score was based on 6 merits of a country: – its people, governance, exports, tourism, investment and immigration, and culture and heritage. The land of sausages, Merkel and “Made in Germany” was in the top five for all except for one category. Germany did not make into the top 5 of “tourism” category, instead ranked very far behind at number 10.

Elated with the results, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said “Germany’s image no longer rests on our economic strength. People think we’re capable of much in the world.”

The Effect of Donald Trump?

Foreigners’ views of the US worsened considerably compared to 2016, particularly in the category “governance,” where it slipped from spot 19 to spot 23. According to Anholt, the “The effect of Trump” explains the fall.

“The loss of the US’s image in the governance category is indicative of the Trump effect, which was triggered by President Trump’s policies and his ‘America First’ message,” he said. Americans themselves viewed their country more positively than in 2016.

Due to better scores in the “governance” and “investment and immigration”, France climbed up three spots after ranking fifth in 2016. The land of fine wine, Balzac and Voltaire came in No. 1 for “culture.” Despite fears of an exit from the European Union, Britain stayed steady at 3rd Spot.

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