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Free Karachi Campaign: After Baloch, Now Muhajirs Turn Against Pakistan

After Free Balochistan Campaign, why has Free Karachi Campaign started to appear? As per sources, an organization American Muhajirs (Indian Muslims emigrating to Pakistan during the Partition) have launched Free Karachi advertising campaign to accentuate the state-sponsored barbarities against the Mujahir community of Pakistan in the port city of Karachi.

The Free Karachi campaign was led by a mini-truck and dozens of cabs highlighting #FreeKarachi advertisements to make the world community aware of Pakistan sponsored brutalities and terrorism against Muhajirs and other minorities residing in Karachi by Punjab dominated Pakistan Government and Army.

The US Assures Pakistan on Territorial Integrity 

Doland Trump led US government is believed to have reassured Pakistan by stating that it does not encourage any organization endangering Pakistan’s national integrity. Pakistan’s ambassador to the US, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary said that the US administration assured the Pakistani officials that US does not support any fringe elements and considers “Enemies of Pakistan as Enemies of the US”

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The ambassador further stated that “negative posters and billboards” had surfaced in New York including Free Balochistan and Free Karachi campaigns which were eventually taken-off after the complaint of the Pakistan government.

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Due to ongoing issues between the United States and Pakistan, a new opportunity has been established for fringe groups who are sponsoring billboards, banners, and newspaper adverts to promote anti-Pakistan stance. “This act of victimization – not just against Muhajirs but also against the Baloch, Sindhis and other ethnic minorities should end.” If the Pakistan government stopped terrorizing and victimizing people, “all organizations, be that Muhajirs or Baloch can be brought to the mainstream”, said Pakistans ambassador to the US

Free Karachi, After Free Balochistan Campaign

As EurAsian Times earlier reported, After the European cities of Geneva and London, Free Balochistan adverts have started to appear on yellow cabs in New York. The biggest questions which disturb the Pakistani authorities is who is sponsoring the Free Balochistan campaigns?

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