Experts Predict Brutal Crush of Militancy in Kashmir; No Attack on Pakistan

Experts described Kashmir as a pressure cooker and Militants in Kashmir mostly ‘homegrown’.

An air of uncertainty has settled on Kashmir after a deadly car bomb in Pulwama, Kashmir’s southern district that claimed the lives of more than 40 soldiers of the CRFP travelling in a convoy. Indian PM has given free hand to the Indian Army to avenge the deadly attacks, what exactly can the subcontinent expect?

Is Delhi Planning To Separate Jammu from Kashmir and Grant it Statehood?

The Pakistan-based group, Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) which has been listed as a foreign terrorist organization by the US State Department, has taken responsibility for the attack and once again, sent the Indian subcontinent, India and Pakistan, on the brink of another confrontation.

Since, 2016, following the encounter of Burhan Wani, Kashmir has been a constant source of tension between the two nuclear-powered neighbours. And Pakistan being a sanctuary for terror groups has come to the fore.

Why Both India and Pakistan Reject Complete Independence For Kashmir?

While New Delhi holds Pakistan accountable for the terror attack, Islamabad has rejected the allegations. India has taken diplomatic and commercial steps to ‘completely isolate’ Pakistan. Moreover, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the security forces have been given full freedom to give a befitting reply for the Pulwama terror attack. The prime minister said the security forces have been given permission to make decisions about the timing, place and nature of their response.

Kashmir Issue Cannot be Pushed Under the Carpet

With India and Pakistan once again face-to-face, the Kashmir issue cannot be pushed under the carpet. Both countries are very much aware that Kashmir is a ‘political issue’ and cannot be solved through bloodshed’.

Meanwhile, a defence analysis with the London-based Janes Information Group, Rahul Bedi said an attack on targets inside Pakistan may be logistically impossible at the moment due to heavy snow blanketing the mountains of Kashmir.

Over 70 Soldiers Killed; India, Iran Vow Painful Revenge Against Pakistan Backed Terrorists

Bedi said Prime Minister Modi can come down on the Kashmiri people in a harsher way. “He can deploy the army, the police, the paramilitary but he can only do more of the same.”

Bedi further described Kashmir as a pressure cooker that doesn’t leave the people with any other way to channel their anger or ambitions. He also highlighted that most militants in Kashmir are now ‘homegrown’. Presently, the situation is tense as India continues with blaming Pakistan.

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