Expect A Myanmar Style Genocide From Current Indian Government – Imran Khan

Pakistani PM Imran Khan continues to bash the Indian government at every possible forum and highlighting the so-called oppression of Muslims in India.

Khan in an interview with Turkish media cautioned the international community that Modi-led BJP government was preparing to repeat the Myanmar style genocide and expulsion of its minority population.

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Khan in an exclusive interview to Anadolu Agency said that as many as 500 million people will be omitted from the citizenship list under India’s new citizenship bill which is followed by updating the exercise of the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

Khan spoke in details on an array of issues including tense ties with India and its actions in Jammu and Kashmir. “This is exactly what happened in Myanmar when they first started the registration act and that’s how they excluded the Muslims and then the genocide took place. I am afraid this is where it is heading in India,” Khan said

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Responding to a question on the possibility of an influx of migrants toward Pakistan and Bangladesh from India Khan said – Bangladesh has already declined to take anyone, who has been excluded from the citizenship list in the northeastern Indian state of Assam. “I think Bangladesh is already worried because in Assam they deregistered almost 2 million people. I do not know the exact number but what will happen to these people?” Khan asked.