European Union Needs “EU NATO” To Protect From Russia, China, US Threats: Macron

Can NATO be replaced by EU NATO? Macron said that the European Union needs to create its own armed forces in order to defend itself against China, Russia and even the United States. French President Macron expressed this opinion on November 6, on the air on Europe1 radio station.

“When I look at today’s Europe, I see that it is becoming increasingly fragmented. Look at the world in which we live, and you will see authoritarian powers that are increasingly active and are rearming, being in the border areas of Europe. We are attacked in cyberspace and there is strong interfere in our democratic values. We must defend ourselves from China, from Russia, and even from the United States, ”noted Macron.

Macron stressed that Europe should create its own united armed forces. “We will not be able to protect the Europeans if we do not make a decision to create a truly pan-European army. This is necessary to counter threats from Russia, which is near our borders and can act dangerously. We should have a Europe that is more capable of defending on its own, not depending solely on the United States, to act in a more sovereign way, ”he stressed.
EurAsian Times recalls the idea of creating a pan-European army Macron announced in September, speaking to students of Sorbonne University with a programmatic speech on EU reform. In particular, he said that “security is the foundation of any political community,” meanwhile, Europe faced a double challenge – the “gradual and inevitable” alienation of the United States and the threat of terrorism. In his opinion, the all-European army should appear by 2020 in addition to the armed forces of NATO.