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Junior Imran Khan Living in India: Reham Khan Reveals Ahead of Pakistan Elections

Elections in Pakistan are scheduled for July 25 and Imran Khan is being hailed as the front-runner to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. Amid his massive election campaign came a sensational claim from his former wife Reham Khan who is a British-Pakistani journalist. Reham Khan has claimed that Imran Khan has as much as 5 illegitimate children and some of them are Indians.

In her autobiography, Reham Khan has made a number of sensational claims about Imran Khan’s love life, his affairs with a Bollywood superstar of 1970s considered to be one of the prettiest actresses and even his illegitimate children. As reported by Hindustan Times, she also claimed in her autobiography that Imran Khan was even married to the Bollywood superstar and tried to dominate her during the marriage. According to Reham Khan, Imran Khan has at least 5 illegitimate children and some of them are Indians.

These claims have triggered a storm on social media and have demeaned his reputation. The claim which talked about his illegitimate children is the most defamatory of all.

Imran Khan is leading the Pakistan-Tehreek-e-Insaf into the general elections in Pakistan. The local media cites him as a winner already. Imran Khan is yet to respond to the claims made by Reham Khan in her self-titled autobiography.

Reham Khan also stated that before her marriage with Imran Khan she was warned by several people about her marriage. She was told about his past relationships and to her surprise, Imran Khan even confirmed a lot of them to her. These stories about his past relationships also included rumours about him and certain Bollywood stars.

The cricketer turned politician has always been in news for his love affairs and marriages. The former Pakistani captain has married thrice so far. He married Bushra Manika in 2018 who became his third wife.

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