Djibouti Naval Base: The Epicenter of China’s International Navy Dream

The Djibouti Naval Base of the Chinese Navy in Africa is its first overseas base. Experts believe that the Djibouti Naval Base of the Chinese Navy is only the beginning of a setup which will further launch a series of overseas facilities aimed at protecting Chinese citizens living abroad. More overseas facilities akin China’s Djibouti Military Base will also push China’s economic and power interests. 

The Djibouti Naval Base can be seen as a part of China’s aspiration to take the Chinese Navy to be a force reckoned internationally. Having said this, it can be well speculated that this naval base of the Chinese Navy is not the last of its kind but rather a library of such overseas facilities.

The Djibouti Base of the Chinese Navy became operational in the year 2017 and was much appreciated and celebrated back in China. This naval base holds an imperative strategic rationale for China over which the experts have expressed their enthusiasm.

The significance of the PLA-N facility at Djibouti

Experts talk about the leverage of the PLA-N facility at Djibouti Naval Base at lengths. The PLA-N facility at the Djibouti Naval Base provides precise and potential security benefits to the Chinese Navy. It can also be seen as an anchor reviving the traditional trade routes of China through Asia and Europe.

The Djibouti Naval Base will also be highly crucial for coordination between the Chinese Navy and the citizens of China living in Africa. These citizens are vulnerable to various security risks and the Djibouti Base gives the security forces a great opportunity to protect its citizens in Africa.

Concerns of the US over the Djibouti Naval Base

The US pilots have reported a series of laser attacks on the US aircraft while flying over the Pacific. The US suspects that these laser flashes came from the Djibouti Naval Base. There have been many such incidents of laser flashes on the US pilots.

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