Diwali Not a Festival of Hindu’s: Donald Trump’s Gaffe at Diwali Greetings

US president Donald Trump hosted the Diwali celebrations at the White House on Tuesday. But the Diwali greeting message on his Twitter account had some “laughable” mistakes, due to which he was trolled on the social media. EurAsian Times analyses an article on BBC.

To make Diwali the main festival of the Hindus, they had to make two attempts. On Tuesday, he tweeted twice.

First tweet

In the tweet, Trump called Diwali the festival of Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains and did not mention Hindus. He wrote, “Today we have gathered for Diwali, which is celebrated by Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains throughout America and around the world, millions of people have gathered together with family and friends and have gathered to start the new year. “

Second tweet

17 minutes after that, the US President tweeted the next, in which the Hindus were mentioned. He wrote, “I got the privilege of hosting the Diwali celebrations in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. Very, very special people!”


The twitter on American President’s Twitter handle was caught by Twitter users and started making jokes on it.

CNN’s journalist says that Trump did not have two or three attempts to congratulate Diwali, of which the first two failed. He wrote, “Even before Trump had a tweet with the wishes of Diwali, in which he did not mention the Hindus, but he deleted the tweet, then he tweeted another and did not mention the Hindus in it too. “

Machine Pun Kelly on Twitter writes, “I am sure that they think that Buddhists and Hindus are the same.”

Greg writes that this is the holiday day of Hindus and he missed it by mentioning it once more.

A page from ‘Hindu Against Trump’ shared the tweets of Trump and wrote that the person who wrote this tweet for Trump, thanked him.

Lisa J. Yarde writes, “Let someone tell them that Diwali is a festival of Hindus and they did not mention them, it is exactly like Christmas without Christians, now you understand?”

J. Kumar writes that you have insulted billions of Hindus for whom this is a religious holiday. Does anyone have a little brain in the White House? Ironically, the victory of knowledge is celebrated on ignorance.

Similarly, many people have expressed objections to not mentioning Hindus on Diwali. Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains are sure to celebrate Diwali but this is the main festival of Hindus. According to the Pew survey, there are more than two million people in the US and by 2020 their number can increase to 25 lakhs.

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