Did Imran Khan or General Bajwa Sack Key Pakistan Minister – Asad Umar

Hours after the finance minister was ousted, Asad Umar said that he was removed by Imran Khan because of his “performance” at the post in the last eight months. Netizens questioned whether it was PM Imran Khan or General Bajwa behind the termination.

The outgoing federal finance minister who is a close aide of Premier Imran remarked during an interview with a private news channel where he shared the reason being his dismissal.

Umar said he “is neither angry nor disappointed” at the prime minister over his decision. The minister had recently deemed his position as the toughest job in the country after the premiership.

When asked if he felt dismayed or angry by the decision, he said: “Honestly, I didn’t feel it [disappointment]. Since taking the job, I’ve worked my socks off, even my family says I’m burned out.”

Umar went on to say that as soon as he was told to leave his post his stress levels nose-dived. “You can’t imagine how relaxed I am right now.” On another query that if his stint as the finance minister would be deemed a failure, Umar said he would leave that for time and you (journalists) to decide.

He, however, maintained that the economy is in a better condition now than when he took over.

When asked the reason given for his ouster, the PTI’s senior leader said: “He [PM Imran] wants a new team to come in and do things.”

The interviewer then questioned Umar why he turned down taking the reins of the energy ministry, the former finance minister said: “I’ve never really been in it for posts and designations.”

Umar added that he wanted to work in a post that fit his expertise. He also refuted claims that his future in politics is now in jeopardy. “I will continue helping the PTI government whenever needed and serve my constituency.