Dhanush Ballistic Missile, Capable Of Carrying Nuclear Warheads, Tested Successfully

India test-fired Dhanush ballistic missile from a Naval warship off Odisha coast as part of a covert mission. Dhanush missiles are hight potent, indigenously developed, nuclear-capable surface-to-surface missiles with a range of about 350 kms.

Defence sources said that the indigenously developed, Dhanush missile was flight tested in full operational configuration by Strategic Forces Command (SFC) of the Navy from an undisclosed location off Paradip coast on Saturday night.

This was the third test of Dhanush missile during the night in the last one month. Earlier, SFC of the Army had successfully test-fired 350-km range Prithvi-II missile and 700-km range Agni-I in the night.

A defence official stated that the test of Dhanush has met all the mission objectives. “All the events occurred as expected and were monitored by the range sensors. It was a textbook launch and wonderful mission accomplished,” he said.

While the Dhanush missile was launched from a warship, another warship provided all logistic support for the test. Dhanush has a strike range up to 350 km and can carry a single warhead, conventional or nuclear up to 500 kg. The missile used for the test was selected randomly from the production lot.

The complete flight path of the missile was smooth and in accordance with pre-designated coordinates. The missile covered more than 300 km and achieved single digit accuracy. The mission parameters like elevation, trajectory, azimuth, flight path and stage separation were properly authenticated.

Developed by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), the 8.53 metre-long missile has a 0.9 diameter and weighs about 4.4 tonnes. The single stage missile uses liquid propellant and can be used as an anti-ship weapon as well as for destroying land targets.

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