Denmark PM worried about the growing threat from Russia

Russia presents a real threat to the states of Eastern Europe, which continues to grow. Such a statement was made by the Prime Minister of Denmark Lars Löcke Rasmussen before the planned visit to the Danish Air Force base Skryudstrup on Friday.

“The threat from the East is real and growing, and we must show Russia our unshakable determination, and therefore Denmark assumes the responsibility to protect the members of the alliance from threats coming from Russia as well,” the prime minister said.

Starting in January 2018, Danish fighters will begin to carry out NATO’s mission to patrol the sky over the Baltic countries. The mission to protect the airspace of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia has been carried out by the alliance countries since 2004 on a rotational basis.

It is noteworthy that earlier this week in an interview with the Danish newspaper Berlingske, the Kingdom’s ambassador to Russia, Thomas Winkler, stated that there was “no evidence pointing to Russia’s intention to use its military potential [against NATO members] simply because it has it.” Moscow has repeatedly pointed out that the assumption of a possible Russian aggression against the Baltic states goes beyond the reasonable.