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Days After Trump-Putin Summit, Russia Threatens US-led NATO

Just a few days after the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, Vladimir Putin has issued stringent warnings to the US-led NATO alliance. Vladimir Putin has warned NATO against its eastward expansion and its policy to have close ties with Ukraine and Georgia. The Russian President said that if NATO comes closer to Ukraine and Georgia, then it shall have to endure dire consequences.

NATO is a western military alliance of 29 member nations led by the US. NATO has always been at loggerheads with Russia and has often been in defiance to the world’s largest nation in terms of area. Putin on Thursday while addressing a meeting of the Russian Ambassadors warned NATO against moving closer to Ukraine and Georgia. He said that the attempts of NATO to deploy military contingents and build military facilities near the western frontiers of Russia will not be acceptable. He also said in his speech that there is a need to rebuild trust in Europe.

Putin further said that to any aggression shown towards Russia, Russia will take appropriate steps. He strongly opposed NATO’s plans to merge Ukraine and Georgia into the alliance. He said that such an irresponsible policy from the NATO will lead to significant consequences for the western military alliance.

Russia and Georgia were in a war against each other in 2008 over a breakaway region of Georgia called South Ossetia. Russia continues to maintain its troops there and is now working towards the breakaway of another region called Abkhazia. Hence by no means is Russia willing to see a scenario wherein Georgia and Ukraine end up aligning with the NATO. Putin also said that the discussed the issue with Donald Trump during their meet in Finland.

NATO has also extended a formal invitation to Macedonia to join the alliance in order to increase its reach in the Balkans and hence put up a greater defiance to Russia.

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