Critics Question Why Rohingya, Ahmadi Muslims Are Not Entitled For Fast-Track Indian Citizenship?

Indian Home Minister Amit Shah, on Tuesday, said that ‘Protest as you like but the BJP Government will not withdraw the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)’. Mr Shah who was addressing a Pro-CAA rally in Lucknow also said that this is a fight between those who want to protect the country and those who wanted to tear it apart or break into pieces.

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Shah further added that all these protests which are happening all over India are a part of Opposition’s strategy to create unrest. He targeted leaders of the other political parties including Congress, Samajwadi Party, Trinamool Congress and other Communist parties and asserted that they are blindfolded by the vote-bank and are spreading lies over the Act.

Since the Parliament has cleared the legislation for the CAA, the party members have openly criticized these ongoing protests against CAA and NRC.

A fallacy has been created and planted by the Majoritarian party and by the media that deem these protests as unconstitutional but a matter of fact is that our Constitution allows us to protests peacefully and is our fundamental right. But, why are our fundamental rights being targeted is a matter of concern for all the citizens of this nation?

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It may be contended that even if this Act clears the test of legality, it will never win the faith and belief of our constitutional morality and will continue to instil fear among the minorities. Such kind of communal politics which has a clear discriminatory agenda can never win the heart of its citizens.

Why Muslims are not included in this Act?

The Act indicates towards the two-nation theory, an idea brought up by VD Savarkar. Such kind of Act targets its minorities and especially Muslims and is surfacing the way for a Hindu-Rashtra.

Force also has been used against the protesters which included university students, political leaders and FIR’s has also been used against them to disturb the peace of ongoing protests to send a clear message that whether you’re with the government and if you’re not, get ready to face the blunt.

The real question that if this Act pretends to protect the persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan and to grant them the citizenship of India, why Ahmadis are not included in this list who are a persecuted minority in Pakistan.

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They’re being targeted from past few decades, some are accused of Blasphemy laws and there are certain laws which restrict them to recite the Quran and they’re not even considered Muslims.

What about Rohingya Muslims who are the most persecuted religious minority in the subcontinent. They are the victims of religious genocide and were forced to flee their own country. Why Hindu Tamilians of Srilanka who are a minority have not been included in the list?

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All these questions challenge not just the legality of such Act but indicate a message that majoritarian diktats can never be legitimized by such bills which get passed in the Parliament. The real test is judged with the consent of its citizens. Such Political agenda should never succeed and if it does, it will break and burn the soul of India Democracy.

OpEd: Saurabh Sharma. Views Personel