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COVID-19 Now Emerges In Jilin City Of China; Authorities Impose Urgent Lockdown

After Wuhan, COVID-19 seems to have emerged in the city of Jilin in China. While China had left no stone unturned battling coronavirus, but new infections have been reported in the Chinese northeastern city of Jilin.

Jilin has been put under a partial lockdown after about 21 community transmitted cases of Covid-19 were confirmed recently. Gai Dongping, vice-mayor of Jilin told media in an online briefing yesterday that “In order to prevent and stem the spread of the epidemic, the Jilin epidemic prevention and control group has decided to implement control measures in the urban area of Jilin.”

The usual restrictions of a lockdown apply to the city as schools, clubs, theatres, internet cafes, mahjong parlours, public bathhouse and other indoor sitting complexes are closed, transport systems are shut and a ban on public gatherings is imposed on the residents of the city.

It is mandatory for the residents of Jilin City to provide a negative report for a nucleic acid test if one wishes to move out of the city for any reason. It is reported that the new cases in Jilin city are locally transmitted. Out of the total 21 cases, 2 falls under asymptomatic patients from the cluster infection reported about a week ago.

The cluster infection reported a week ago involves a 45-year old laundry worker in service for the public security bureau in the nearby city of Shulan in the Jilin province that borders North Korea and Russia. Shulan was classified as “high risk” this week fearing further transmission, which eventually turned out to be true.

The vice-mayor of Jilin also mentioned that “The current outbreak is very serious and complex and poses a major risk of further spread.”

Jilin City has a population of no less than 1.4 million and faces a great threat of being submerged under a new wave of Coronavirus that Wuhan encountered last December.

The original epicentre of the coronavirus – city of Wuhan in the Hubei province also reported fresh cases. After lifting of the strict lockdown which lasted for about 3-4 months, six new cases were confirmed in the Sanmin residential community over the weekend.

The health commission has said that “At present, Wuhan is still facing huge pressure to control the pandemic.” “We need to always bear in mind that we have to control both imported cases as well as local cases, and resolutely keep the resurgence of COVID-19 at bay,” he stated..

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