More Bloodbath, As Civil War Looks Inevitable in Kashmir?

Is Kashmir heading towards a Civil War? The Jammu and Kashmir Government remains the biggest employer in the Kashmir valley, including the J&K Police. Recently, local militants led by Pakistan based terror group Hizbul Mujahideen issued threatening videos to all Jammu and Kashmir and Central Government Employees to either resign or get ready to be killed. Is Kashmir heading towards a civil war and further violence and bloodbath? Analysis by EurAsian Times.

The warning came through a video where a local commander can be heard speaking in the Kashmiri language. As a collage of images of Jammu and Kashmir police plays, the voice asks the personnel – paramilitary or local police to tender their resignations within four days.

“Upload your resignations on the internet or face the consequences,” the local head of Umar Majeed group, an offshoot of Hizbul Mujahideen said.

“The threat issued through videos and posters doesn’t appear to be very dangerous, but definitely has potential to cause serious anxieties,” according to Indian Home Ministry official. According to the official, these videos have gone viral in the last 12 hours and the ministry is concerned about the repercussions.

A Territorial Army soldier, who had returned home in south Kashmir’s Kulgam for his son’s funeral, was killed by terrorists on Monday. The gunmen, disguised as a journalist, barged into his home in Shurat village and shot him dead. Senior Indian officials stated that Lance Naik Mukhtar Ahmad Malik was a commander of a disbanded counter-insurgency group before he was recruited in the Territorial Army.

Mukhtar Ahmad Malik was the latest off-duty soldier to be killed by terrorists in Kashmir. In the last one year, many off-duty police officers have either been killed or threatened by terrorists by barging in their homes. Recently, threats and tear of the terrorists prompted two Special Police Officers (SPOs) to announce their resignation in the local mosques in South Kashmir.

“The entire counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir is run with help of locals security officials which includes intelligence officials, J&K Police, the Central Reserve Police Force and the Special Operations Group (SOG). Terrorists are trying to corner the local police by either attacking them directly or threatening their family members.

This has really infuriated the local police and is gradually dividing the Kashmir society. An escalation of attacks on J&K Police or family members may only lead to intense repercussions which may plunge Kashmir in a Civil War and may take decades to recover.

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