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Chinese Tourists Throng Russia, Boosts Economy

More than 840,000 Chinese Tourists visited Russia in 2017, within the framework of visa-free travel, which is 24% more than last year’s figures. Why are Chinese Tourists suddenly intered in Russia?

Representatives of the tourism industry in the Russian regions have recently noted a significant increase in travelers from China. Guests are attracted by memorable places connected with the history of the Communist Party and the October Revolution, as well as excursions to factories that were considered the flagships of Soviet industry, and museums dedicated to Russian ancient life.

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As noted by experts from TASS, Russia will be able to continue to increase the flow of tourists, arranging routes and opening new attractions for tourists. According to the association “The World Without Borders”, from the beginning of 2017, Russia was visited by about 840,000 tourists from China within the framework of visa-free travel, which is 24% more than last year’s figures.

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Chinese Tourists in Russia: Where do they Visit

“About 40,000 Chinese tourists visit the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve annually, which is an absolute leader among foreigners. There is particular interest in the so-called” red tourism. “It is connected with visiting revolutionary places that somehow reflect the stay Chinese revolutionaries on the territory of Russia, “said Igor Konyshev, general director of the Vladimir-Suzdal museum-reserve, who previously several years led one of the most popular objects of” red “tourism – a museum-reserve com “Gorki Leninsky.”

Many of the Yaroslavl region’s tourist sites have already been adapted for Chinese tourists, the restaurants in the region have a menu in Chinese. As reported, Chinese tour operators have very strict requirements for hotels, specific requests for tourist products. There are difficulties in communication – the Chinese do not understand English-speaking guides well, and thus bring their translators.

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To make Chinese culture more understandable for Russians was helped by the opening of the Chinese educational center in Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University. In addition, at the Visit Russia forum in 2017, the region concluded an agreement with the “World without Borders” association, which develops ties with China.

In Rostov the Great, which is very popular with Chinese tourists, there are signs in Chinese. “Most of the Chinese tourists come to Yaroslavl as part of a tour of the Volga ships. They really like the Yaroslavl Art Museum; there is an opportunity to participate in the ball of the 18th and 19th centuries; participate in dances with historical costumes, and explore the Soviet history – said the head of the agency”.

In general, the representatives of the tourism industry are optimistic and expect that they will be able to further attract Chinese Tourists to their regions mainly due to hassale-free visa process.

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