Gwadar – The First Chinese Port in Pakistan Opened to Heavy Security

The much talked about Chinese port in Pakistan Gwadar has become the flagship port and aims to strengthen China-Pak ties. Gwadar – the Chinese port in Pakistan held the first conference that showcased the port and start of the Belt & Road project in Pak. The Gwadar Port in Pakistan allows access for China into the Arabian Sea.

Around eight thousand delegates witnessed a spectacular cultural and fireworks show at the 5-story exhibition centre at the new Chinese port in Pakistan. This centre also hosted around hundred companies the previous month. However, one of the most striking aspects of the inaugural conference was the presence of extremely heavy security by Pak troops.

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Is Gwadar – the Chinese Port In Pakistan clouded by Fear?

Director of an international company commented on the heavy security, stating that it was unlikely that foreign companies would come forward and make investments in an environment clouded by fear. Pakistan is holding its national elections in July and the government is keen on raising the commercial potential of the Gwadar Port in an area that was once gloved by separatist insurgents. To maximise security at the Chinese port in Pakistan, the country has trained and deployed a special security contingent of around fifteen thousand troops.

The Chinese Port in Pakistan – Gwadar is ‘Out-Of-Reach’

The Gwadar Port will begin trans-shipment from the first week of March. Balochistan and the port are out of reach for any outsider, except the Chinese. Even media reporters and every visitor are closely inspected by the Pak intelligence force.

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Andrew, an author, who has written about the China-Pak ties, has visited the Chinese port in Pakistan and says that it seems like an unlikely location for potential investments. He says it’s not like a ‘normal’ place of investment. China has also openly spoken about the risks in Pakistan. The Pakistan PM, however, states that the protection of the Chinese port in Pakistan the s of highest priority and the unsettled situation in Balochistan is largely under control.

The new Chinese port in Pakistan is hoping to direct millions of tons of cargo that are at present shipped through Middle East (Dubai).

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