Chinese PLA’s Western Theater Command Demands India To Withdraw Its Troops From South Pangong

In a statement issued by China’s People Liberation Army’s (PLA) Western Theater Command (WTC) Spokesperson, Senior Colonel Zhang Shuili, demanded India to withdraw its troops to avoid a flare-up in India-China ties, after alleging that the that Indian soldiers violated the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

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In a statement issued late on Monday (August 31) evening, Zhang alleged that Indian troops violated the LAC again and crossed over in the south bank of Pangong Tso and the Reqin Pass. He blamed the Indian Army for stirring up tensions in the border region.

Pangong Lake – Wikimedia Commons

     “On August 31, the Indian army broke the consensus reached at the previous multi-level talks between the two sides and illegally crossed the line again near the south bank of Pangong Lake and the Reqin pass, making a blatant provocation and causing tension at the border,” said Zhang

       We solemnly demand the Indian side to immediately withdraw its troops that illegally trespassing the border-line, strictly control and restrain its frontline troops and earnestly honor its commitments, so as to avoid further escalation in the situation.” he added.

Zhang also warned that the PLA troops were taking “countermeasures”, and will closely follow the next course of events in order to safeguard its nation’s territorial sovereignty and maintain peace.

     “The Chinese military is taking necessary countermeasures and will closely follow the developments to resolutely safeguard China’s territorial sovereignty and peace and stability in border areas.”

India and China are witnessing a heightened face-off along the LAC in the Ladakh region where 20 Indian soldiers and unconfirmed number of PLA troops were killed this May. Since then, a series of meetings have been conducted between the two countries but without any success.

Border tensions between the two countries span over seven decades. China claims territory in India’s northeast, while New Delhi accuses Beijing of occupying its territory in the Aksai Chin plateau in the Himalayas, including part of the Ladakh region.