India-China Defence Relations Augment, Despite Pakistan’s Me First Approach

India-China Relations in Trade, Border Management and Defence are on a new high after the visit of Chinese Military Delegation to India. To enhance confidence-building measures and to give a positive outlook to India-China Ties post-Doklam, a high-level Chinese army delegation is on a visit to India. This visit by the Chinese delegation was preceded by a visit to Pakistan, as Islamabad aggressively persisted Beijing to visit Pakistan first. 

The two armies are preparing to resume a joint military exercise and also to establish a hotline between the top army commanders of the two nation. These measures are expected to pacify the rift in India-China relations.

The 10 membered military delegation of the People’s Liberation Army of China on Tuesday met the deputy chief of Indian Army in New Delhi. The Chinese military delegation is being led by the deputy chief of its Western Theatre Command. After the meeting in New Delhi with the deputy chief of the Indian Army, the delegation left New Delhi to visit the Eastern Army Command at Kolkata.

The delegation of the People’s Liberation Army visited India after a visit to Pakistan. The delegation had interacted and discussed key areas of military cooperation with Pakistan. The military delegation is in India till July 6. This visit is a part of the vision that the leaders of the two nations envisaged during their meet in April 2018. Time and again both the leaders have shown keenness towards establishing strengthened India-China relations.

A border defence cooperation agreement was signed between India and China in October 2013. The two nations are now looking to operationalise this agreement and build stronger bilateral ties and cooperation. The two nations are also working to establish a hotline between the commanders of the two armies and this is pending for long.

US Trade war scripting a friendship between India and China

As reported earlier by EurAsian Times, India-China Friendship seems to be progressing from tariffs imposed by the Trump Administration on both the nations. India-China relations are turning cordial as the two nations stand united against the trade war waged by the United States.

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