Chinese Journalist Calls Latest India-China Border Clash As ‘Fake News’; Indian Media Says PLA, Indian Troops Suffered Injuries

A senior Chinese journalist has rejected Indian media reports about a fresh clash between Indian Army and PLA troops at a border point in Naku La, Sikkim, calling them “fake news”.

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“This is fake news. Based on what I learned, there is no record of this clash in the patrol log of the Chinese side,” Hu Xijin, Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese state-affiliated Global Times said in a Twitter post on Monday.

Earlier, Indian media reported that the two armies clashed at Naku La when the PLA troops made an incursion attempt. The Indian Army stopped them, leading to a physical fight. The reports claimed soldiers from both sides suffered injuries.

However, the Chinese journalist rubbished these claims, saying, “Small frictions often occur on China-India border area, but clash that caused multiple injuries will definitely be recorded and reported.”   

The reported incident comes amid the border stand-off between the Indian and Chinese troops in Eastern Ladakh.

The Times of India, a leading daily, quoted the Indian Army as saying that it was a “minor face-off” that took place at Naku La on January 20, which was “resolved by local commanders as per established protocol.

Quoting a source, the Indian daily reported, “Both sides brought in some reinforcements…there were injuries on both sides in the physical clash. But there was no firing. The situation is under control.

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