Overburdened By Afghans, Pakistan says Cannot Accommodate Indian Muslim Refugees

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan again lambasted the Indian Modi Government and said that millions of Muslims could flee India due to the blockade in Jammu and Kasmir and India’s new citizenship law, creating “a refugee crisis that would dwarf other crisis”.

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Addressing the Global Forum on Refugees in Geneva, Khan said, “We are disturbed there not only could be a refugee crisis, we are worried it could lead to a conflict between two nuclear-armed countries.” “Our country will not be able to accommodate more refugees,” he added, urging the world to “step in now”.

The global community must understand that the fundamental plan of the Modi government is to alter the demographic composition of the country. Khan said the UN Secretary-General must also comprehend the complexities of the steps taken by India in Assam to deprive the Muslim population of Indian nationality as well as the recently passed citizenship act.

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“The people of Pakistan have hosted four million Afghan refugees with generosity for about four decades and there are still three million refugees in the country including 1.4 million registered ones,” PM Imran informed the participants. He also paid tributes to Turkey for hosting the largest refugee population.

“We cannot abandon the refugees and their protection is imperative. There is a need to mobilise international cooperation and solidarity to build the resilience of refugees in their host countries,” he said.

With additional input from Reuters.