China Training its Army for High Altitude Mountain Warfare Against India?

China has started training its soldiers for High Altitude Warfare, which is seen by experts as a move to build endurance against India in the mountainous terrains. People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has stated that high-pressure oxygen therapy and portable barracks are being included to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to boost the PLA’s combat capability.

Majority of borders between India and China are High Altitude Regions, and both nations, as extensively reported by EurAsian Times were at loggerheads at Dokalam, in Bhutan, another high altitude mountainous region.

Oxygen Therapy for Chinese Soldiers

All frontline training troops and border positions have been furnished with oxygen cylinders, according to the official PLA website and the Chinese Global Times. Army Medical University’s Xinqiao Hospital in Xigaze, Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), is working on a high-pressure oxygen therapy that could resolve the issue of altitude stress and sickness (AMS) for soldiers stationed at high altitude regions.

As per EurAsian Times experts, Oxygen therapy can be used to heal brain damage and carbon monoxide poisoning can be calibrated for high elevation. The oxygen therapy has proved effective against altitude stress and thus, these centres have developed built along border roads for troops to regain endurance.

“Altitude sickness results in breathing troubles, headaches, vomiting and insomnia. The thin air and limited oxygen supply can restrict the combat capability of a soldier, subduing them while gasping for breath.

Starting last year, compact and portable barracks particularly devised for plateau areas have been substituting the traditional prefabricated houses at Tibetan military bases. Their design and substances make them resolute, moisture-resistant and cold-immune, keeping the room temperature at 15 C even in the worst of snow storms.

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