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Taiwan Mulls Teaching A Lesson To Air India For Its Taipei Reference

Why is tiny Taiwan threatening Indian National Carrier, Air India? After the China-Taiwan dispute forced foreign airlines to describe Taiwan as a part of China, Taiwan is now looking to take retaliatory measures against these airlines. Foreign airlines crumbled to pressures exerted by China to change the reference of Taiwan on their websites and marketing portals. Air India was among a large number of foreign airlines which complied.

As reported by Bloomberg, the transportation ministry of Taiwan is studying countermeasures to hit back at these airlines including Air India. The stringent countermeasures being mulled by Taiwan might include banning these foreign airlines from using boarding bridges and alter takeoff and landing slots. The authorities will also extend incentives to the airlines which continue to maintain neutrality in their references to Taiwan. These incentives will include reductions in landing fees and other facility charges.

China had earlier issued an ultimatum to foreign airlines to change the reference of Tapei. After opposing the demand for long the foreign airlines including those from the US agreed to change their references to Taiwan. Beijing successfully convinced or pressurised 44 foreign airlines to accede to its demands. This move from Tapei against these airlines will be its first official response since the airlines agreed to the demand made by China.

China Does Not Want To Give Up On Taiwan

Taiwan has remained a self-governed island nation for more than 100 years now. But China continues to claim that the island nation is very much a part of the Chinese mainland and anyone who thinks otherwise challenges the sovereignty of China.

The conflict between China and Taiwan seems to be intensifying as China is assuming an aggressive stance against Taiwan. It was only recently that the J-16 Stealth Fighter Jets of the PLA conducted drills. These fighter jets which are now combat ready have been specially developed to act against Taiwan as per defence experts.

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