Russia Delivers Advance Sukhoi Su-35 Fighter Jets to China

Russia has delivered the second batch of 10 Sukhoi Su-35 Fighter Jets to China under a contract signed in 2015, according to a source in Russia’s defense department. Sukhoi Su-35 (NATO Name Flanker-E) are heavily-upgraded versions of the Su-27 air-defense fighter. 

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“Another batch of 10 Su-35 aircraft has been delivered to the Beijing. China will receive the remaining 10 aircraft in 2018,” the source confirmed. The Russsian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation refused to comment.

Earlier, a source close to military and technical cooperation told TASS that the first four SU-35 aircrafts had been delivered in last quarter of 2016. In November 2016, Vladimir Drozhzhov, deputy director of the Federal Service of Military-Technical Cooperation, said that Russia had commenced meeting the first stage of its contract with China.

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Russia and China signed a deal for 24 Su-35 fighter jets worth about $2B USD in November 2015. The contract also covers the ground equipment and spare engines. The Su-35 is a multi-role, 4.5 generation, super-maneuverable aircraft furnished with array radar and steerable thrusters. It can generate a speed of up to 2,500 kilometers per hour and has a flying range of 3,400 kilometers and a combat radius of around 1,600 kilometers. The SU-35 aircraft is equipped with a 30mm gun and has 12 hardpoints for carrying bombs and missiles.