China-Russia Relations Soar with Biggest Military Drills Since USSR

China-Russia defence relations are witnessing an upward trajectory and this is bound to raises eyebrows within NATO. China for the first time has agreed to participate in a massive joint military exercise with Russia, which is being described as the largest war games since the fall of the Soviet Union. Will other nations like North Korea, Iran, Pakistan also join China-Russia Defence Alliance?

The Chinese ministry of defence stated that the annual military exercises will begin in late August and will continue till the middle of September. Military forces from China and Russia will participate in joint drills near the Trans Baikal region in Russia.

This will be an extraordinary joint military exercise in which more than 3200 Chinese troops will participate. China will also send 900 pieces of weaponry along more than 30 aircraft and helicopters. As per secondary research by EurAsian Times, the participation of China will be on an enormous scale and this will surely keep the west and regional rivals of China gazing.

This indulgence from China in the joint military drills in Russia seem to deliver a strong political narrative that Bejing does not fear the west. China and Russia are coming close to each other and this is largely meant to confront the west led by the US.

Trump’s policies are bringing China and Russia closer across dimensions of bilateral relations. Both China and Russia are facing similar challenges from the Trump regime. While China is feeling the heat of a massive trade war, the US is trying to plague Russia with sanctions.

Iran and North Korea have also expressed their allegiance to this major coalition being led by Russia and China. Iran and North Korea too are facing the wrath of the US sanctions hence pushing them closer to China and Russia.

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