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China Outrightly Rejects Indian Reports That PLA Is Laying Optic Cables Near LAC

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday (September 15) vehemently denied Indian reports of PLA troops laying optic fiber cables near the contentious LAC.

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This comes after two Indian officials while speaking to Reuters, had claimed that the Chinese troops had been laying a network of fiber optic cables at a western Himalayan flashpoint with India, meaning that despite high-level talks to resolve the stand-off, the troops had been digging for the long haul.

According to a senior government official, the optic cables have been spotted to the south of Pangong Tso Lake in the region, where the Indian Army had earlier taken over strategic heights. Such cables would provide the Chinese forward troops with secure lines of communication with the basis in the rear.

However, any such reports have been refuted by Chinese Ministry spokesperson Wang Webin, who also told reports at the briefing on Tuesday that Beijing hopes New Delhi can make concrete efforts to help de-escalate border tension and meet halfway with China.

Last Thursday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met his Indian counterpart S Jaishankar in Moscow for crucial talks about the escalating border tensions between the two countries.

Following the meeting, Wang said that the two nations had reached a five-point consensus to stop escalating current conflicts near the border with both sides intending to push for negotiations about the border standoff through military and diplomatic channels to bring back peace and safety to the area.

“We hope India would fully implement the consensus reached by the two foreign ministers and meet China on the halfway so as to make concrete efforts in easing tensions,” Wang noted.

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