China Optimistic To Build Missile Warning System To Thwart Aggressive Designs

In order to deepen its defence ties with Russia and establish itself as a global superpower, China is looking forward to jointly develop a missile attack warning system for its safety. This is surely a development that India will be keenly looking given the fact that New Delhi views Beijing as a threat.

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China’s ambassador to Russia revealed China’s plan to create a missile attack warning system with Russia while talking to the media on Friday.  Zhang Hanhui, Chinese ambassador to Russia further stated that this development will be purely defensive and will ensure the security of China rather than harming or suppressing the security of other nations.

He added that the cooperation between China and Russia on this project has entered the initial phase and both nations hope for good results.

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Such an early-warning missile defence system will enhance the defence capabilities of China which has constantly been a part of territorial and border conflicts with India. As both India and China aspire to emerge as the most formidable defence power, both nations are dependant on Russia for their defence equipment and Moscow’s cooperation with either of the two will surely irk the other one.

Currently, an early warning missile attack system only exists in Russia and the US as stated by Vladimir Putin in a recent public address. While China may claim that this infrastructure will be purely defensive in nature, seeing China’s escalating aggression in Southeast Asia, this isn’t a claim India.

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