Are China And North Korea Aligning To Wage A War Against The US?

Is China looking to use North Korea as a powerful ally in a likely US-China war? As the US is urging nations to impose sanctions on North Korea, China is determined to stand firmly behind Pyongyang. To take China-North Korea relations further the Chinese President will be visiting North Korea in September as suggested by reports. 
Apparently, Chinese President Xi Jinping will be visiting North Korea at the invitation of Kim Jong-un to take part in the 70th foundation day of North Korea. The US-North Korea summit held earlier this year in Singapore seems to have failed on ground and reports suggest that North Korea has denied all proposals made by the US to denuclearise.
This would be for the first time since 2005 that a Chinese President will be visiting North Korea. Hu Jintao was the last Chinese President to travel to North Korea for an official visit in the year 2005. The celebrations for the 70th Foundation Day of North Korea are scheduled for September 9 and according to Strait Times, the official visit of the Chinese President to Pyongyang may be subject to last minute changes. China is the most important ally of Pyongyang. On the other hand, Kim Jong Un has paid three visits to China.
But now the international scenario seems to be changing and the US is exerting pressure on North Korea. Under such developments, China becomes the go-to ally for North Korea and they might also enjoy support from Russia and Iran as all these nations are facing identical problems. US’ unilateralism is giving wings to a massive anti-US alliance and Trump might end up scripting the biggest diplomatic defeat in the history of the US.
There are no confirmations yet about the Chinese President’s visit to North Korea but given how the global affairs are shaping up, one can expect that the Xi Jinping could be the first Chinese president to visit North Korea in last 13 years.