China Issues Security Advisory to Its Citizens Travelling to the US, Post US-China Trade War

In the wake of the ongoing US-China Trade War, China has issued an advisory on security to the Chinese citizens travelling to the US. The US-China relations are in troubled waters after the instigation of the US-China Trade War. The Chinese embassy has warned Chinese tourists against public shootings, expensive bills, robberies and other possible frauds. 

This warning is the latest warning of its kind which came amid the US-China trade war which can also potentially lead to a US-China war. US had imposed trade tariffs on China worth $ 50 billion after which China threatened the US to hit back with tariffs of the same worth. Not just China, but the United States has also picked up trade wars with India, European Union, Mexico and Canada.
The advisory issued by the Chinese embassy in Washington asked its citizens to be alert with respect to their surroundings. It also warned the Chinese citizens to be alert to suspicious individuals and not to go out alone at night. This warning is similar to the one issues in January but this time around the tension between the two nations is paramount and the two nations are sitting on the verge of a war.

As reported earlier by EurAsian Times, A part of the White House feels that it is justified to impose hardline tariffs on China, some are trying to negotiate with China. A part of the White House is trying to start fresh talks with China to avoid a the US-China trade war which may potentially convert into a US-China war. The officials of the White House who are keen to reconcile with China are pressing to begin talks before the first set of tariffs come to effect on July 6. The first set of tariffs amount to USD 34 billion on Chinese items.

Donald Trump Will Not Back Down

A certain set of officials at the White House feel that negotiations shall be made. But the US President seems pretty determined to keep the US-China trade war going. Donal Trump hasn’t shown any signs of backing down as yet and this hints at the fact that the chances of the talks happening between the US and China are very narrow. So, a trade war is likely to persist between the two nations. The world shall be concerned that this trade war does not transform into a US-China war which could very well lay the foundation stone for the next world war.