China Installs Military Weather Station Near the Indian Border

After the Doklam issue, China has now installed an unmanned weather station near the India-China border in Tibet. The weather station has been set up to extend support to the Chinese army in case of military conflicts between India and China. The station will also provide strong meteorological support to China’s defence and help China to manage the borders better.

This is only the first such station under Beijing’s strategy to such up such facilities near the Indian border. As reported by China’s Global Times, the weather station set up under this strategy will also furnish data on transportation and communication in China’s national defence. It will also be able to offer support during regional live-fire combats between India and China.

The station is located in the Yumai township in the Lhunze county Tibet. Yumai is the smallest township of China which has just nine households. It is located in the Southern foothills of the Himalayas and the monsoon climate patterns in the Indian Ocean largely impact the weather here. These residents too will be largely benefitted from this weather station and not just the Chinese military.

Why Is Regional Weather So Important?

Experts from EurAsian Times suggest that the regional weather is of immense importance during a border conflict, and vital for national defence in general. It can facilitate and determine the take-off of aircraft and also the launch of missiles during live combats. Last year India and China were at the loggerheads of a two-month-long military standoff in Sikkim.

This weather station can observe the following 6 factors with utmost accuracy

1. Air Temperature
2. Air Pressure
3. Wind Speed
4. Wind Direction
5. Humidity
6. Precipitation

All of these factors will play a huge role in assisting the Chinese military during times of conflict with India. These factors could well shape up the military strategies and actions in line with the weather conditions.

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