China trying to Convince India to Join CPEC

India holds reservation over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) but China is working hard to persuade India that CPEC is entirely based on economic prosperity & connectivity which can bolster peace and prosperity in the region.

“CPEC is neither a platform to achieve political ambitions nor it can be used to resolve territorial disputes. The primary aim of CPEC is to develop the mutual connectivity amongst all neighbors where China aspires to engage other nations in the economic development” said Chinese foreign official Chen Feng.

US, India, Japan, Australia Join Hands to Counter China?

Feng was briefing delegates of the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors that is visiting China. He stressed that Beijing clarified to New Delhi that it had no ulterior motives or hegemonic intentions for the region. “We rather view CPEC as a way of forming equal relationships with regional countries and to promote friendship and neighborhood in the region,” he added.

China’s Stance on CPEC and Kashmir Conflict

India’s accusation of Chinese occupation on any part of Kashmir is completely baseless, said Feng. We have consistently dismissed any such claims in the past as well. Kashmir has been a major point of dispute between India and Pakistan, and constructive dialogue & peaceful resolution is the only way to bring regional peace and prosperity,” added Feng.

India Needs to Restore Confidence After Dokalam Issue: China

Answering a question about Beijing’s blocking a move at the UN to impose a ban on Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Maulana Masood Azhar, Feng said vetoing a resolution against Azhar after BRICS declaration against terror organizations did not reflect a disagreement in Beijing’s policy as BRICS members have not signed any such agreement.

Talking about Gwadar Port which is the concluding point of the CPEC, Feng said timeline for completion of the CPEC project is difficult to share, however, special arrangements would be made to improve and promote the lives of common people.

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